Straps are measured in milimeters. You need to know two dimensions: width and length.

To determine your Audemars Piguet lug width size, we need you to mention the model of your AP, and the type of your current buckle. For example:
– AP ROO 42mm Old Style (before year 2014) using deployment buckle
– AP ROO 42mm New Style (above year 2014) using tang buckle 20mm
– AP ROO Diver using tang buckle 24mm
– AP ROO 44mm using tang buckle 24mm
– AP End of Days, and Chronograph Older Generation – please mention your watch reference number
– AP Legacy, T3, Shaq

By mentioning your type of AP, we can understand the width, structure, and thickness of the straps that can fit your Audemars Piguet watch. So, your AP Straps will be perfect fit to your watch.
PS : We also have a reference table of Audemars Piguet model. You can find your AP watch diameter case, production year, and reference number there to make you finding out which AP model do you have at the moment easier. It will be accurate for most AP watch, but please double check with your existing watch.

Before choosing your straps’ length, you need to know that Audemars Piguet straps’ length is different with any other watch brand’s straps. For example : if you usually wear Panerai or Rolex straps in 130/80 length, you can’t choose 130/80 length for your AP straps. You may need shorter length to make it fit your wrist nicely. We can’t use your wrist size measurement, as the length of AP straps not only depend on your wrist size, but also the model of your AP. For instance, size guideline for AP Legacy will be completely different with size guideline for AP Royal Oak Offshore.

The best and easiest way to get the perfect length size for you :
You just need to measure your current existing strap using regular ruler in milimeters. If you feel that your current straps fit just right, you can input the number (in mm) on the length option on product page. However, if you feel your current strap is too long / too short, you can shorten or lengthen each side. For example: you may prefer to make it 10mm longer on long part, and 5mm longer on short part. Usually, your current strap will fit you just right. If you have difficulties finding out, you can just simply contact us by email.